Livingston Dog Walking Terms & Conditions


All owners will be deemed to have accepted Livingston Dog Walking’s Terms & Conditions, as laid out here, upon signing the contract.

Livingston Dog Walking will not confirm any booking until a consultation, detailing the pet owner’s requirements, has been carried out and the contract has been signed.

Owners must let us know about any information which may be relevant to the care and well-being of their pet, including dietary, medical and aggression information.

The pet owner must provide Livingston Dog walking with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a decision relating to the pet(s) in an emergency. If the contact is not available Livingston Dog Walking reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal.

Our charges are set out on our website and will be set out to you in full at the time of booking. You will be deemed to have accepted our charges upon confirmation of your booking.

We would like to remind owners that payment for our services are due at the beginning of your pet’s allocated time with us. Invoices are due within 7 days of receipt or by the date specified on the invoice via cash, bank transfer or credit card. Your booking will not be confirmed until our charges have been paid.

Should Livingston Dog Walking cancel any dog walking or pet sitting appointments, owners will be refunded in full within 5 working days.

We take great care of all the pets we look after, however if we need to take your pet to the vet whilst in our care owners will be liable for all vets fees, however any injury occurred. We will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, however Livingston Dog Walking cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care.

Any verbal or physical abuse or threats to any member of the Livingston Dog Walking team will result in the immediate termination of any agreement or contract held with us. Any booked services will be cancelled and no refunds will be given!

Dog Walking

It is the pet owners responsibility to ensure their pets are up to date with vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments.

Group Walks – Livingston Dog walking requires all dogs who partake in group walks to be neutered or spayed.

Private walks – Livingston Dog Walking may refuse to take any un-neutered males over the age of eight months on a private walk. Owners are required to ensure their bitch is not in season or pregnant whilst we carry out our walks.

Livingston Dog Walking reserves the right to cancel a contract at any time and with immediate effect if the dog does not respond well to the walker and/or other dogs.

Owners must provide all necessary equipment to walk their dog(s) i.e. leads, collars, name tags, clothing and/or muzzles if required. Livingston Dog Walking cannot be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage to any of the equipment left with the dog whilst in our care.

If your dog requires a quick wipe down after their walk, towels must be provided by the owner and left by the door.

Dog walking pick up and drop off times are subject to traffic, weather conditions (muddy dogs take longer to be cleaned)! and our walking schedule. We will always attempt to be on time for your dog’s walk, however pet owners should allow thirty minutes each side of your appointment time for your dog walker to arrive.

Pet owner consents to their pet(s) being photographed, video recorded and/or used in any advertising or media by Livingston Dog walking without prior approval. All media gathered remain the property of Livingston Dog Walking.

The pet owner agrees to provide keys or arrange access to their dog(s) for the agreed appointment, failure to do so will result in the appointment being cancelled on that day and will be paid in full by the owner.

Pet Sitting

Owners are responsible for providing all necessary items for their pet to be cared for in the owners absence.

Livingston Dog Walking will take adequate steps to ensure your home is safe and secure whilst visiting your pet(s) in your absence, however we cannot be held responsible for burglaries or accidents caused by your pet(s).


Dog Walks – For cancellations of pre-booked dog walks of one week or more, one months notice is required.

Cancellation of 1 or 2 pre-booked walks requires 48 hours notice before the scheduled walk begins or payment will still be due.

Pet Sitting – Owners are required to give 48 hours notice to cancel their arranged visit or the full cost of the visit will be charged.

Cancellation of services within the required notification period will be refunded in full within 5 working days.

Termination of Agreement

Termination Policy – Owners are required to give seven days written notice to terminate the dog walking/pet sitting agreement. If owners do not require the service during the notice period 50% of the visit(s) or walk(s) will be due and are calculated based on an average of the previous four weeks.

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